Question: I received a court summons for an unpaid credit card debt. I knew I was behind on my payments, but I thought I would have more time to figure it out before I’d be faced with anything like this. The court says I have to respond in 20 days. What do I do?

Question: I was expecting a bonus from work that didn’t come, and now I’m strapped for cash during the holidays. I’m thinking about taking out a payday loan. I know the interest rates are high, but I’m desperate and it would only be this one time. What should I do?

Question: A few years ago, an investment property of mine was foreclosed on. Since then, I’ve been focused on rebuilding my credit score and have been careful to avoid anything that would negatively affect my credit. Now, I want to refinance my primary home, but I’m worried it will be denied because of the past foreclosure. What are my options?

Question: I’m in my early 30s, and I feel like it’s time to get some of my important documents in order. I have a general folder that I use for things like my Social Security card, my children’s birth certificates and mortgage documents, but I’m wondering what else I need. Am I too young to create a will? Should I start estate planning? What else do I need to have?

Question: My son broke his arm playing at a friend’s house. The other boy’s parents were very helpful — they called me immediately and took him to the emergency room for treatment. Unfortunately, our health insurance is limited and it won’t cover most of the claim. I like the other family but I’m frustrated with the situation and I’m not sure what to do. Do I have any options?

Question: My husband recently brought up the topic of “getting our affairs in order.” While it seems premature to me — we’re only in our 40s and are both in good health — we want to make sure our kids would be protected if anything were to happen. When is the right time to start this process? What documents do we need to compile? And what would happen if we died without having created a will?


Question: Last week I was rear-ended during my drive to work. Immediately after the accident, the other driver and I pulled off to the side of the road to exchange information. The other driver told me that he did not have car insurance but would pay for my repairs out-of-pocket. Now, I have a quote from the auto body shop for the repairs, but he’s saying he can only afford a small portion of the bill. What can I do?