All-in-one Program

The All-in-One Program by Peters and Associates!

Are you on the fence about whether to short sell your home or keep it and try for a principal reduction? If you are, the Peters and Associates All-In-One program was built for you! In a nut shell, our attorneys will fight the bank by taking you through a full loan modification service. P and A will fight to get your loan modified and your payment reduced. If part of that modification is a principal reduction, that’s great! Your house is no longer underwater and you’re done! (no attorney can predict or guarantee who will get a principal reduction)

If your modification doesn’t come with a principal reduction, or is rejected outright by the bank, your attorney will use the documentation trail he created during the modification process to PROVE that you’ve negotiated in good faith, and work to FORCE the bank to accept a short sale with a full deficiency waiver.

How long does the All-in-One take?

Honestly, that’s up to you. Some Peters and Associates clients choose to end their service after the modification is complete. They are happy with their new terms, or new balance, and want to keep their home. However, when the balance isn’t reduced, many P and A clients choose to continue on and complete the short sale.

Strategic Default: Done Right!

In essence, the program is like a strategic default. While your attorney is negotiating, you may choose not to make mortgage payments. Several clients have been in the program for 20 months or more and some clients have been in the program over 50 months.

Imagine: How much cash you could save if you “skipped” 50 mortgage payments and instead, put most of that money in the bank? This is why you’ll often hear people refer to the All-in-One program as a “Wealth Builder”. As an added benefit, any missed payments are wiped out when you get a principal reduction or complete your short sale.

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