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If you want financial freedom, let Peters and Associates help you. They definitely can calm the storm and give you peace of mind. Working with them gave us... Read More
Lei Mendoz Avatar
Lei M.
Everyone at PANDA was great from my first meeting with Xenophon to the rest of the staff but I have to give a lot of credit to Debra as she... Read More
Brian Johnson Avatar
Brian J.
I started working with Panda Law in November 2020. I placed an inquiry online and right away within 20 minutes received a call from Xenophon Peters, who was very kind... Read More
Joanne Harvey Avatar
Joanne H.
This law firm is AMAZING. Their consultant/lawyer was EXTREMELY, patient, informative and our communication set me in the right direction concerning a debt collector.I would recommand Peters and Associates for... Read More
Mr. INTP Avatar
Mr. I.
I was pulled over on my way to Pahrump by a state trooper for allegedly going over 100mph, and was cited for reckless driving. I immediately contacted Panda Law to... Read More
Tony Avatar
Very professional and courteous, highly recommend this law firm. Many thanks to Judah Zakalik for his counsel.
Detour Labs Avatar
Detour L.
They provided me with exceptional service on several occasions. They assisted me in determining how to best resolve a very difficult situation after listening to the issue. Many... Read More
Beverly Bedard Avatar
Beverly B.
I needed assistance regarding a debt settlement and I can not express how thankful I am. If you're stressed out and don't know what to do look no further... Read More
Steph S Avatar
Steph S.
This company as a whole were realy awsome, l had the opportunity to experience ( Due To My Personal Situation ) three options and they helped servive it all... Read More
Kenneth Duncan Avatar
Kenneth D.
UPDATE: It helps to stay calm and communicate clearly what desires and needs are. Judah is AWESOME--open to discuss and easy with whom to communicate. He offered solutions I... Read More
Holly A. Avatar
Holly A.
Panda Law is fantastic. I would recommend anyone who has debt issues to talk to them. They explained everything and kept me informed all of the way. Anytime I have... Read More
Bruce Borchard Avatar
Bruce B.
Filing a bankruptcy can definitely a complicated experience, not with everyone at Peters & Associates!! From the beginning down to the hearing date, everyone was responsive, super informative, and very... Read More
Oscar Mendez, Jr. Avatar
Oscar M.
They were very patient with my bankruptcy. They made it very easy. To do. The people there were very informative and courteous. I definitely would recommend Panda.
Luanne Smith Avatar
Luanne S.
Everyone I worked with on my case was so helpful from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend Panda & Associates.
Katherine Baliaris Avatar
Katherine B.
Back in Febrary/March I contacted Panda Law about bankruptcy and I couldn't have asked for a better advise and support. My initial consultation was with Xenopnone and he was so... Read More
Paola Bugli Avatar
Paola B.
The Panda law firm was very professional and helped me feel confident throughout my bankruptcy. My attorney, Elizabeth, and paralegal, Gabriel, answered all my questions and prepared me for my... Read More
Deanna Costello Avatar
Deanna C.
Peters and Associates went the extra mile in assisting my wife and I through a stressful financial crisis. There are not enough words to express how grateful the PandA law... Read More
Manuel Fallejo Avatar
Manuel F.
Thank you all for your knowledge and vigilance. I have been released from the debt, anxiety, and anguish from creditors that would have preferred to take food out of... Read More
Nicole McDonagh Avatar
Nicole M.


5 star ratingWhen I fell into financial difficulty I called panda and they were Johnny on the spot help me through everything took care of the paperwork all the filings didn't have... Read More
Ray S. Avatar
Ray S.
5 star ratingThe law firm of Peters & Associates provided me with exceptional service on several occasions. They assisted me in determining how to best resolve very difficult situations after listening to... Read More
Rosemary E. Avatar
Rosemary E.
5 star ratingXen and his entire team at PandA Law Firm are GREAT! If you need help then you should "Demand a Panda", for your representation!
Gina E. Avatar
Gina E.
5 star ratingWhen I needed help with financial issues I contacted PandA for advice. Xenophon was extremely upfront and explained everything. Everyone was very polite and treated us with respect and dignity.... Read More
Rance P. Avatar
Rance P.
5 star ratingI would like to thank Peters & Associates/Panda Law Firm for their help!! Their communication skills are OUTSTANDING!!! Jennifer Francis really took great care of me, THANKS Jen!!!! One... Read More
Jay W. Avatar
Jay W.
5 star ratingIt helps to stay calm and communicate clearly what desires and needs are. Judah is AWESOME--open to discuss and easy with whom to communicate. And, Michelle, who answers... Read More
Holly A. Avatar
Holly A.
5 star ratingI have referred many people to this firm. They care and actually listen, plus are highly skilled and knowledgeable. The attorneys work directly with you. You will be glad you... Read More
Mike K. Avatar
Mike K.
5 star ratingThey are very customer oriented. Whenever I have a question they call right back if they're not available to answer. They answered all of my questions And did exactly what... Read More
Bruce B. Avatar
Bruce B.
5 star ratingBy far Panda Law Firm is A law firm I recommend if you need a good law firm. I was having financial problems due to the pandemic and called Panda... Read More
Derrell R. Avatar
Derrell R.
5 star ratingGreat customer service, Yvonne my caseworker was very professional and helpful and very kind with helping me through this very difficult process . From the receptionist to the case workers... Read More
Ray D. Avatar
Ray D.
5 star ratingEveryone was so helpful from the beginning to the end! I would highly recommend Peters & Associates. Anything I didn't understand, someone was there to explain it to me.
Katherine B. Avatar
Katherine B.
5 star ratingRight from the start they put me at ease regarding my situation and walked me through the process. Even having to deal with covid protocols they never made me... Read More
Theresa M. Avatar
Theresa M.
5 star ratingGreat experience! Every interaction with the team at Peters and Associates solidified my decision that choosing them was the right choice! Their confidence, thoroughness and knowledge in preparing my case... Read More
Carla D. Avatar
Carla D.
5 star ratingWe worked with Debra Connor at Panda and she was just wonderful. She addressed every question and concern promptly and knowledgeably. She made what could have been a horribly difficult... Read More
Maryellen S. Avatar
Maryellen S.
5 star ratingI had such a GREAT experience with this company from the very beginning. I called and had a free consultation with Mr.Peters who was very knowledgeable and answered every question... Read More
Devin G. Avatar
Devin G.
5 star ratingI can't say enough about what an outstanding experience I had with PandA Law. I was already barely keeping up with minimum payments before Covid shut down my primary source... Read More
Raz C. Avatar
Raz C.
5 star ratingPeter, Gabriel, and the rest of the staff have been helpful and understanding. Gabriel has made my life easier during an already stressful situation. Thank you PandA for helping me... Read More
Melissa V. Avatar
Melissa V.
5 star ratingI have been a client Peters and associates. I appreciate their responsiveness, professionalism, knowledge and kindness. I highly recommend this attorney!
Tracy B. Avatar
Tracy B.
Panda Law Firm Las Vegas Nevada
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