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We thought you should know…We’re the only full service law firm in Las Vegas that: has been in business for at least seven years, has handled more than 5000 cases, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, has 10.0 Avvo Rated Attorneys running the firm, has never been sanctioned by the Nevada State Bar, and where new clients meet with the firm's partners. Additionally, our attorneys are consistently named among the best lawyers in Las Vegas*.
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P and A Law Firm: The difference is black and white!

Consistently named among the best lawyers in Las Vegas!*

icon-black-house1With all the lawyer advertising that happens here in Las Vegas, it can be tough to figure out which law firm is the right one to call.  You’ll be happy to know that Peters and Associates is a full-service law firm.  Xenophon Peters and our other experienced attorneys specialize in one thing: Customer Service. Our attorneys are consistently named among the best lawyers in Las Vegas*.

In most personal injury (car accident) cases, any attorney can get a result.  At Peters and Associates, we get great results and our clients get paid quickly.  In addition, our dedication to customer service is constantly recognized by external rating organizations and most P and A clients would be happy sending their friends and family to our firm for help with their cases.  In fact, nearly a third of our clients heard about our law firm from someone they knew that used us and was very happy with their results.

For unsecured debts like credit cards, medical bills and payday loans, our attorneys can explain the short and long term differences between debt settlement and bankruptcy.   Did you know that most of our clients can have a 700 credit score in as little as 24 months after bankruptcy?  Did you know that some people can get out of debt without bankruptcy?  These are a couple of the things our attorneys will go through with you when you come in for your free consultation.

If you’re a homeowner, our attorneys have more options available.  For example, if your house payment was lowered by $1000/month or more, how much easier would your life be?  At Peters and Associates, the average loan modification lowers the interest rate to around 2%.  What’s more, P and A attorneys may be able to lower your mortgage balance.  To see some actual results, check out our Testimonials page.

At Peters and Associates, every debt relief client meets with one of our firm’s partner/owners to go over their specific case. We’re not a bankruptcy or loan modification “mill” trying to rush you in to signing a contract, or giving you 5 minutes before handing you over to a “closer”, salesperson or legal assistant. We’re real Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys and your free consultation will be with us and won’t end until we both know what’s right for you, your home and your debt.


*As ranked by Desert Companion Magazine (KNPR), American Institute of Bankruptcy Attorneys, American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys, AVVO and Martindale Hubble

Representing Las Vegas Debt Relief, Loan Modifications, Foreclosure Mediation And Short Sales

icon-black-foreclosureThe Las Vegas bankruptcy attorneys at Peters and Associates, LLP cover all of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, helping people who are struggling financially to find debt relief or save their home from foreclosure through bankruptcy or debt settlement, obtaining a loan modification, or other forms of relief, including short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

Homeowners have been hit from all directions in the last decade. After years of over-inflation, the housing market underwent a major correction, meaning that many people found themselves paying more on their mortgages than their homes were worth. Others found their way into home ownership through mortgages with deceptively low teaser rates that later reset to unaffordable high interest rates. The stock market crash of 2008 wiped out the life savings of many, and the economic downturn and high unemployment has made making ends meet harder than ever.

Las Vegas Loan Modification Attorney

icon-black-house1If you are no longer able to make your mortgage payments or other financial obligations within your means, there are solutions. A Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney at Peters and Associates, LLP will sit down and discuss the options which can include bankruptcy, foreclosure mediation, loan modifications, loan mediation, short sales and debt settlement.  Our Las Vegas bankruptcy law firm’s focus is bringing together all the legal tools available for the consumer, to help get you back on your financial feet.

Please contact us for a free, initial consultation with an experienced financial attorney. We strive to be accessible to our clients, and evening appointments are available when necessary for your convenience. We are also a bilingual law firm, and Spanish-speaking clients are always welcome. If you need a Las Vegas loan modification and debt settlement or bankruptcy protection, contact a law firm where you will always meet with an attorney, and where you always receive personal service from YOUR attorney. Contact Peters and Associates, LLP.