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Testimonials and Results!

Below you’ll find kind words that some of our clients have written about Peters and Associates and Las Vegas bankruptcy. In addition, we’ve posted several ACTUAL results that our firm has negotiated for our clients. (Hint: You can click on the thumbnails to view larger versions of the images.) Past performance is not indicative of future success. Actual results may vary.

Review our Las Vegas Law Firm!

If you’re a current or former client of Peters and Associates, you can submit your own reviews about our law firm at the P and A Law Firm Google Plus Page and our P and A Facebook Page! If you’re not on Google+ or Facebook, you can review our firm at Yelp!. Or, you can even use the contact forms right here on our website to write a message to our firm’s attorneys! If you’re one of the thousands of Las Vegas loan modification, short sale, debt settlement or bankruptcy clients we’ve helped over the years, your testimonial may even be selected to appear below! As always, thank you for being a Peters and Associates client.

This Ocwen client got happy news today… Not only was Peters and Associates able to lower his principal balance by more than $162,000, we were also able to lock in a 2% interest rate for the life of his loan!  Neither of these would have been possible if he refinanced rather than hiring P and A to handle his loan modification.  Congratulations, DM!

2% for LIFE and a $162K Principal Reduction!

Dear All: At the end of this month we will be leaving the Valley. We have grandchildren coming so we will relocate to Upstate New York in summer and live the winters in cliché South Florida, like all retired New Yorkers J. The purpose of this letter is to share with those in charge what a positive experience I have had with your firm. It was very hard, morally, for us to short sell our properties. You understood that and put us in capable hands … Continued

A wonderful note we just received from some of our clients!


Thank you for the kind words.  We’re always happy when we can help people save their homes.  Have a wonderful new year!

A lovely letter from one of our clients

I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Tony & the staff at Peters & Associates for helping me keep my home. We were able to modify our loan & get approximately $64k off, along with reducing our monthly mortgage payment. Without their help, we would not have been able to keep our home. We are very grateful for Peters and Associates & their services.   Thank you,   Kim (12/6/2013)

Email from a happy client!

Thank you Kristen for your invaluable help in helping to short sell our houses. Thanks  to all the staff of Peters and associates.  Happy Holidays to all. Also, we would like to thank  Atty Peters for successfully negotiating with the bank to short sell the houses which were underwater. More power to Peters and associates.   -R.T. on 12/5/2013

Another “Thank You” from a Short Sale client!
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