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PandA is a top rated award winning local consumer protection law firm.

Consumer Protection

If you are no longer able to tolerate bill collectors trying to collect payments or other financial obligations outside of your financial means, there are solutions. A Las Vegas consumer protection attorney at PandA Law Firm will sit down and discuss the options that will keep creditors at bay. Our firm’s focus is bringing together all the legal tools available for the consumer, to help get you back on your financial feet without the fear of answering your phone.


We’ll be sure to compare the benefits of each during your consultation.

Debt Relief Lawyer

Credit Repair (FCRA)

If you neeed to get your credit score back to credit-worthy status, we can help.

Learn more about Credit Repair
Stop Creditor Harassment

Harassment (FDCPA/TCPA)

Are you tired of bill collectors harassing you at home and at work? There are solutions.

Stop the harassment

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